Sunday, 7 January 2018

Citra Hop Focused Ale

Ever since buying the Conical Fermenter quality of brews has not been quite what I've been wanting - however this also coincided with trying to brew beers with much more hop aroma.

A clone of Brewdog's Hop Fiction was not quite what I wanted.  The second attempt is better - but still not perfect.

A slight downside is there is a bit of Russian Roulette, I didn't label beers from this batch, nor from the Mouteka brew - which isn't so good as they both have Blue crown caps. I reckon there's an equal number of Mouteka vs Citra bottles left.

In any case this brew means
a) A concial fermenter isn't worse than a £13 plastic bucke
b) Safale US-05 isn't fundamentally flawed compared to Safale S-04
c) Dry hopping is good.

Current train of thought is that the sub-optimal brews are down to larger quantity of hops (5.6g per L vs 12g per L). It might be coincidence but the last two brews was the second Hop Fiction clone - which isn't conditioning well, and a Dr Rudi hop focused ale which is doing much better. The latter had 50g of dry-hops.....

.... so for 2018 will cap dry-hop at 2gm/L.
.... also will not use Honey... somewhere along the line I've read that rather than simple sugars given yeast a head-start they might just exhaust themselves on the simple sugars and give up finishing with the complex sugars from the malt.

Friday, 17 November 2017

During the week I was not convinced that the Safale-S04 yeast had come to life, after 3 days the RRD-tools graphs stopped generating....

A bit of late Friday evening hacking to get Kibana for the temperature graphs. I was hoping to use a spare raspberry pi for this - but got a bit frustrated with ARM vs x86 architecture. So instead gone with a crude python script to subscribe the multicast temperature data and republish it direct to logstash.

From there it's pretty basic ELK stack, albeit running on something beefier than really required.

I'll either just spin up an old laptop to provide Kibana for the crucial weeks of fermentation *or* compile the ELK stack on ARM.

Friday, 23 June 2017

White Goose

Very busy at work that I didn't really plan the last brew day properly, but White Goose with 300g of hops. I decided that it wasn't worth keeping part packets of hops.

I think given a little time this might clear and be a good pint, although perhaps not as bitter as I'd like. I think there really is something in Tinseth's advice that his model applies to *his* setup.

33 gmCentennial 10.50 %
Copper (60min) - 60 min
24.4 IBU
33 gmWillamette 5.50 %
Aroma (15min) - 15 min
6.3 IBU
33 gmCentennial 10.50 %
Aroma (15min) - 15 min
12.1 IBU
33 gmHallertau Hersbrucker 2.30 %
Aroma (15min) - 15 min
2.7 IBU
33 gmCentennial 10.50 %
Whirlpool/Hopback (0min) - 0 min
0.1 IBU
33 gmHallertau Hersbrucker 2.30 %
Whirlpool/Hopback (0min) - 0 min
0.0 IBU
32 gmWillamette 5.50 %
Whirlpool/Hopback (0min) - 0 min
0.0 IBU
33 gmHallertau Hersbrucker 2.30 %
Dryhop - 0 min
0.0 IBU
33 gmWillamette 5.50 %
Dryhop - 0 min
0.0 IBU
45.7 IBU

Sunday, 9 April 2017


A breway with a focus on Motueka hops... have to say I had no idea what to expect with this hop..... having gone through a few trails before hand.... ever since doing a wheat/saison I've been struggling with the original elements (one was replace).... but one kept shorting as the worst was getting brough to a boi.... having to hacksaw an element out of the boiler it was a little frustrating that I probably fried one of the relays so was effectively back to one element.

This was a pretty full mash, I ended up with 500g of crystal, which was probably too much. I wonder if the hop aroma from 200g of hops might have been offset by the notes of the crystal malt.

Next brew planned as Super goose - using a proper hop spider.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Privacy Policy - Android Recipe Viewer

The BeerXML2 Recipe Viewer android app requires the following permissions.

.. CAMERA - to take a picture of QR Code's - the camera is only used if you use the QR feature.
.. NETWORK - to download Beer XML files from the internet - this is fundamental to the app.

The use of network is not used for unsolicited downloads/uploads.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Werthers Original

Out of the fermenter this Citra didn't taste great, however tonight had too bottles.

One seems to have diacetyl, the other whilst not what I wanted was out of a brew with Citra was at least drinkable.

I think it makes sense to make sure these bottles are in the garage over Christmas holidays whilst I'm away - just in case the worst happens and there is a bottle bomb around.

I'm hoping it's just a badly sterilised bottl and the diacetyl isn't systemic in the brewing process.

Reflecting on the chornical  fermenter, I think I'm going to move back to Safale-S04 and avoid US-05 as I'm not entirely happy with US-05 failing to drop. Perhaps (I'm bloody well hoping) after getting some consistency back with S-04  I'll reconsider to US-05.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Citra 2016

Having 200g of Citra, 90g went into the Hop Burst Session Ale which left 110g to go into this Citra.

50g went to dry-hop, 60g starting from the last 15 minutes through to whirlpool.

It's the first time that I've re-used Safale US-05, I much prefer S-04 as that does at least drop during fermentation. The conical fermenter is less useful if the yeast never drops. Tasting it from the fermenter there is a good dose of hop aroma, but there may be a bit of an off flavour.